Craftsmen of innovative investments

About us

There are no limits to how innovation and market know-how can combine

Investivity SA is a Swiss independent wealth management company managing and advising different pools of capital.

As an award-winning Swiss wealthtech investment manager, we approach our craft with an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe there are no limits to how innovation and expertise of complex financial products can combine.

We strive to deliver future-proof effective solutions in the fields of discretionary portfolio management, advisory and family office services.

Our multi asset class expertise of complex products is intertwined with an AI based selection and risk management process and made available to our clients through bespoke mandates and easily tradable certificates.

Investivity rhymes, at purpose, with creativity, positivity, productivity and exclusivity.

Through our group we complement that value proposition with all the services of a private multi-family office and serve some of the wealthiest families in the world.

Our history

Change mandates a fresh approach and no preconceived ideas

The firm was founded in Geneva in 2015 by partners Aurélien Clarisse and Éric Thuillier.

As seasoned investment practitioners with decades of experience in banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading desks, the founding partners felt wealth management needed a complete reboot to keep serving clients optimally.

Behind Investivity lies this strong conviction and evidence: wealth management in Switzerland and the world over is undergoing a radical change. The proper approach is to acknowledge that such a radical change mandates a fresh approach and no preconceived ideas.

The end purpose is simple but rare and demanding: we do what is good for our clients, which is not that often what has been done for years past. Daring to be different is the only way to achieve sustainable value creation for our clients over the long term.

In 2018 Investivity has been entering into a partnership with a Geneva based 35 year old multi family office sharing the same convictions.

Together we go the extra mile to serve our clientele of families, entrepreneurs and managers.

We provide a streamlined, no-nonsense set of investment services and use a number of Swiss and foreign partners to provide independent (fiduciary) asset management and family office services.

Our group is 17-people strong in Geneva alone, multi-lingual, multi-skilled and able to meet the complex needs of a diverse client base.

Our convictions

Without craftsmanship inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind

(Johannes Brahms)

We define ourselves as craftsmen of investment solutions.

In order to practice our craft, we retain at all times an open mind, we leverage decades of know-how and financial markets expertise and we get our hands dirty. This is the commitment our clients deserve.

Our commitment means that we develop and maintain our own technology to master the value chain where and when it matters most to create significant value for our clients.

It also means that we believe in the end-value of what we design with a strong entrepreneurial drive to innovate.

Finally, our commitment also translates into a spirit of sheer openess with a direct access to the partners and experts of your choice.

Above all this is a journey along with our clients in which we are motivated by mastery rather than attaining a status.

Our clients

We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts

(Jeff Bezos)

Our clients are high net worth private individuals and their families, foundations, trustees and investment professionals.

A number of families who wanted to entrust their assets to a firm closely aligned with their own interests formed the core of our original client base.

Since 1983 our group has attracted a growing number of clients seeking a clear, transparent, reliable and professional service.

Nowadays our private clients come mainly from Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Our professional clients include advisors, wealth managers and institutionals that we support in the fields of advisory, risk management, structuration and technology.