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Why Investivity ?

Our vision

We founded the company with an overarching vision: institutional-grade investment strategies should be made accessible to a much broader public, at a decent price, and with direct control.

The unmanageable complexity of the investment process in banks makes them unable to focus on your needs, nor to adapt to quickly changing market environments. At the same time, traditional wealth managers in Europe have struggled to deliver performance with their stereotyped, single-style, stock-picking strategy.

Investivity gives you a coherent and streamlined access to the only free-lunch in investing: diversification.

Wealth Tech

We have developed a technology to automate all investing and trading, based on our field-proven views of what dynamic allocation, alpha capture and risk management should be.

In the US, passive wealth managers have been boasting about their strong returns, obtained by just holding US centric assets. How long before a downturn wipes out their gains ?

With Investivity, you invest in trading styles, rather than in assets. You are diversified across a broad range of strategies in addition to a broad range of products. We give you access to active management at the lowest possible cost.

Human touch

Our investment process is hybrid and we really mean it. Although our machine learning algorithms will deliver a strong performance on their own, they will also happily take your views into account.

There is no single path to achieve your investment goals, and following your own convictions, in a secure risk management framework, is certainly a lot more rewarding than letting a robot decide on everything.

Talk to your personal advisor, at any time, express your concerns and your ideas, build some scenarios with him, and update your portfolio within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is my money ?

With Investivity, your assets are custodied under your name at the bank of your choice. All accounts are fully segregated from each other. In addition, if you choose our recommended broker, Interactive Brokers, you’ll benefit from a deposit insurance …Read more

Why do I need another wealth manager ?

We started Investivity because as individuals working in finance, we grew frustrated with the carelessness banks showed at “managing” our own personal savings.

First, they are very expensive, and worse they try to hide it from you. Their fees often …Read more

Our Management Team

Aurélien Clarisse


If you ever wondered how mathematics can help you with your investments, ask Aurélien. Throughout his 15 years' experience as a structurer and trader, he’s built and used models to trade all sorts of products in the equity, currency, rate and commodity markets, from the plain old vanilla derivatives to some fascinating real assets. Aurélien loves demystifying systematic investing for our clients.

Éric Thuillier


Éric has been an investment manager and risk manager for the past 15 years. He has invested in all major asset classes through institutional mandates, the latest one with the largest privately owned US company. At Investivity, Éric is committed to crafting tailored portfolios for our clients to suit their every need and personalize their experience. Éric is also keen on discussing the global macro environment with them.

Meet the Advisory Board

Gérard Fischer

Ex-CEO, Swisscanto

Before starting his own consulting business in October 2015, Gérard was CEO of Swisscanto, one of the largest asset manager and pension fund service provider in Switzerland, with more than CHF 53  bn Assets Under Management and an additional CHF 25 bn Assets Under Administration. He also held the position of chairman of the board at Swisslife until 2016.

Olivier Capt

Head of innovation, Pictet

Olivier is head of Innovation and digital client solutions at Pictet. He joined Pictet in 1997 and previously worked for UBS in Geneva. Olivier has managed large scale IT projects, launched online banking services, has worked as a private banker for HNWI, and has overseen marketing activities before heading innovation. He holds an Engineering degree, an MBA and a CIIA.

Kim-Andrée Potvin

COO, BNP Paribas (Switzerland)

Kim started her career in Canada, then moved to France where she worked at Andersen Consulting. Kim has been at BNP Paribas for the last 15 years – from General Inspection, to heading the Benelux internal audit department, to BNP Paribas Securities Services in Luxembourg, and is now COO of the Swiss branch. Kim-Andrée holds a commerce degree and an MBA.

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