Differentiate (or die trying)

What are the differentiating factors of more traditional advisors?

Not to be lured by robo-advisors, the clients of more traditional advisors will demand more and better follow-up, interactivity, explanations, psychological coaching in the face of difficult markets, financial planning, dynamic …

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Are clients of wealth managers underserved?

Wealth management is currently in a state of flux.

New entrants with online automated solutions - so called robo-advisors - are appearing day in day out. Almost all of them offer a limited set of options and simplified versions of portfolios. This …

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Large versus small players

As the ongoing transformations of wealth management are broad in scope, one might think they are accessible only to the largest institutions.

Actually most of them have indeed embraced the observation and planning phase, but less so the operational one …

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Disruption risks ahead

How can existing wealth managers regain the trust of their clients and differentiate themselves?

Wealth managers that propose to their clients a few generic external funds, offer basic reporting, depend on retrocessions for most of their revenues or provide little …

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Inner strengths of each manager

It is important for every wealth manager, small and large, to ponder first his strengths and how he wants to differ. After that phase of introspection, comes the question of how to combine and best use technology to do more …

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