Differentiate (or die trying)

Wed 25 May 2016 Author: Garry Category: Points of view

What are the differentiating factors of more traditional advisors?

Not to be lured by robo-advisors, the clients of more traditional advisors will demand more and better follow-up, interactivity, explanations, psychological coaching in the face of difficult markets, financial planning, dynamic reporting, advice on illiquid investments such as private equity and art, corporate advisory and more.

But how to make all of the above possible, as regulatory constraints and inefficient operations are already consuming a lot of time?


In order to free up additional time for those services, managers and advisors need first to achieve very efficient portfolio management and advisory processes for liquid assets, and using appropriate decision tools and digital solutions is the way to make that part scalable.

And it is actually possible to take advantage of advanced technology and still respect one’s inner values! You can have both: efficient portfolio management and ability to create customized portfolios. Reconciling those two needs will allow wealth managers to fully embrace the digital transformation and stay relevant in their industry.