Allocation d'actifs: le renouveau dans l'essentiel (in French)

Cet article vient d’être publié dans le dernier numéro de Point de Mire (la tribune indépendante des entrepreneurs de la finance).

Il peut être consulté en format pdf ou bien ci-dessous.

Le poète Paul Eluard …

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The dark side of leveraged ETFs

Leveraged ETFs (LETFs) are ETFs meant to magnify the returns of an index or of another ETF. For instance, a 2x SPY ETF aims at providing, each day, 2x the returns of SPY. Inverse ETFs (also …

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Why trade options ?

As an individual investor, should you really trade options ?

We’ve seen too many people around us using options only to take views on the underlying direction. They are often buyers (premium payers) and …

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Investivity at Sibos

Sibos is the world’s largest financial services event, and Investivity will be part of it.

Around 8,000 participants from large international financial institutions are expected this year in Geneva between September the 26th and September the 29th.

Come …

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Investivity at Invest16

Investivity will be present at the Invest16 forum in Geneva.

This year, the event will be held on September the 21st and the 22nd.

Éric Thuillier, one of the two founders and managing partners of Investivity, will give this year …

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