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You are given access to exclusive strategies. Our institutional asset management techniques aim for a better protection of your capital and a better risk-adjusted performance. We control risks in a reactive way while capturing the best market opportunities through dynamic asset allocation.

Our unique technology opens the door to a genuinely hybrid service mixing systematic investment algorithms with human-based market convictions, including your own if you wish so.

We screen about 4000 different ETFs and index funds and the 100 most liquid futures. We apply strategies based on factor investing. Please have a look at our frequently asked questions if you want to know more about why we use factor investing.

Competitive fees

We cut the many layers of fees which hinder performance over time.

The actual costs supported at a typical wealth manager or private bank are often hard to comprehend and partly hidden: you can find management or advisory fees, custody fees, transaction costs and underlying funds fees (including entry and exit fees, management and performance fees, part of which may be retroceded to the wealth manager).

This means a total cost for you that is often as high as 3% a year or even more (see for instance this article by the Financial Times: How wealth managers’ charges add up). This is a huge cut into the performance you get, especially when compounded over time.

Our pricing, on the other hand, is simple and competitive. Our own management fee is 0.5% a year. We do not receive any retrocession. We invest directly into the most efficient and cost-effective vehicles: ETFs and futures. You do not incur any entry, exit or custody fees. As for transaction costs, we have purposefully selected a very competitive broker, which is very well-established in the institutional space.

A unique combination

We have developed a unique proprietary investing platform that allows us to react in a more timely way, to screen and follow more instruments, and to apply advanced systematic asset allocation, risk management and strategies based on factor investing.

That platform allows us to serve you efficiently with a high quality of service. As a client, you'll be able to access your portfolio from your smartphone, tablet or computer, with real-time updates.

Finally, as with more traditional services, you will receive a monthly investor letter, and be able to openly discuss your needs and worries, at any time, with your personal portfolio manager.

Strong regulation

Investivity is a registered wealth manager, licensed with the OAR-G (under number 1083).

The OAR-G is a regulatory body for wealth managers, which directly reports to the FINMA (the Financial Market Supervisory Authority in Switzerland).

The OAR-G and its members actively contribute to the protection of the economy. They help to prevent financial fraud with respect to the anti money laundering laws. They also ensure each client is adequately and fairly treated and is continuously given unbiased, unrestricted advice on the markets.

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