Hybrid intelligence

We provide professional investors with a unique investment setup, powered by our proprietary deep learning intelligence.

Deep learning is a fairly recent machine learning framework, but it has already shaken the world of artificial intelligence with breakthrough successes: it beats people at computer games, drives the Google car, finds diseases before doctors.

In many areas, deep learning has proven comparable and sometimes superior to human experts. We firmly believe combining its power with human judgement is a match made in heaven.

Our team of investment engineers has developed a unique way to leverage deep learning techniques in asset management, and at the same time let you be the final judge.

Whether you are an independent wealth manager, a family office or a private bank, you will be delighted to see how technology can so easily help you in your investment process, augmenting your capacities without interfering with your strategy and convictions.

This is how your new day will look like

What Managed Advisory means to us

Investivity helps wealth managers to boost their operational efficiency and to differentiate from competition. You can focus on client relationship and on growing your business.

Our unique technology allows allocation and execution of multiple portfolios in minutes instead of hours, so you can afford to take on smaller clients. Serve 10 times more clients without losing personalization and without additional cost, keeping your independence and the highest level of service.

  • Get better returns for your clients
  • Boost your productivity
  • Reinvent yourself in the face of increasing competition and changing regulation

We help you increase productivity across all dimensions

Years of investment experience
Easily replicable funds
Thousands CHF of saved fixed costs
Hours of additional free time


Unique technology

Investivity has created a unique technology to blend robust quantitative models with each asset manager’s personal investment approach.
This unique proprietary investing platform gives us the ability to deploy advanced systematic asset allocation, risk management and strategies based on deep learning and to combine them with human-based market convictions.

Powered by industry professionals

We are seasoned investment practitioners with decades of experience in banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading desks.
We provide a streamlined, no-nonsense set of investment services. We have been using machine learning to help our investing decisions for years, and we are committed to making investing safer with it.

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