More stable returns and revenues

Our state-of-the-art implementation of risk premia is a win-win situation for independent asset managers, family offices and private banks.

We partner with our professional clients to create with them and for them investing solutions and vehicles that generate more stable streams of returns, and hence more stable revenues.

Our approach is non benchmarked, adaptive to multiple market environments and natively cross asset. We fit it to your needs such as investment universe and specific market convictions.

Investing vehicles can take the form of managed accounts, actively managed certificates or funds.

This is how your new day will look like

What Managed Advisory means to us

Investivity helps wealth managers to boost their operational efficiency and to differentiate from competition. You can focus on client relationship and on growing your business.

Our unique technology allows allocation and execution of multiple portfolios in minutes instead of hours, so you can afford to take on smaller clients. Serve 10 times more clients without losing personalization and without additional cost, keeping your independence and the highest level of service.

  • Increase your margins through high value added services
  • Boost your productivity
  • Reinvent yourself in the face of increasing competition and changing regulation

We help you increase productivity across all dimensions

Years of investment experience
Easily replicable funds
Thousands CHF of saved fixed costs
Hours of additional free time


Unique technology

Investivity has created a unique technology to blend robust quantitative models with each asset manager’s personal investment approach.
This unique proprietary investing platform gives us the ability to deploy advanced systematic asset allocation, risk management and strategies based on factor investing and to combine them with human-based market convictions.

Inspired by the best portfolio managers

Factor investing is not coming out of the blue. It is instead a set of styles and approaches among the most robust and are very well documented.
Our models are thus inspired by the best fund managers, allowing us to extract the spirit of their strategies and apply them to create highly personalized and cost-efficient portfolios.

Powered by industry professionals

We are seasoned investment practitioners with 30 years of combined experience in banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading desks.
We provide a streamlined, no-nonsense set of services.

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