Global asset allocation mandates and non-benchmarked niche strategies in USD, EUR, CHF and GBP

We give you access to unconstrained credit opportunities with target net returns above 10% per annum.

With interest rates near historical lows, a flexible approach to credit is more than ever needed.

We like the different alternative providers of credit that disintermediate some of the traditional activities of banks while bringing value-add to the end client. The scaling back of lending by banks has opened up very interesting opportunities in that space. That includes notably peer-to-peer lending, trade finance and loans backed by receivables.

Those alternative sources of financing offer very interesting features. Loans sit senior to bonds in the capital structure of companies and the emergence of new players enable interesting returns for investors while offering borrowers more efficient and quick answers to their needs.

We give you access to insurance linked and litigation funding opportunities with target net returns above 10% per annum.

Life changing events are unpredictable and can affect one's financial situation, making it difficult to navigate without the help of external financial support. People need concrete solutions to sort out complex situations.

Among the solutions providing more flexibility and freedom to individuals, one is buying back life insurance policies when the owner's personal situation has changed.

Another opportunity is litigation finance. Funds involved in that area do provide financial support to cover upfront legal costs in court by carrying the expenses of bringing carefully selected cases to trial. If the plaintiff loses, the fund has supported the legal costs, and if the plaintiff wins, the fund gets a percentage of the damages.

We identify investment opportunities through specialist funds in that category using a thorough selection methodology centered both on performance and societal impact criteria.

We give you access to under the radar real estate opportunities with target net returns above 10% per annum.

When investing in direct property, expected returns can be improved by considering special situations that combine significant capital appreciation potential with current cash flows.

Properties involved may require a high degree of enhancement, such as renovation or repositioning. Assets might have had prior mismanagement or poor leasing strategies. This strategy may also involve investments in development, raw land, and niche property sectors.

It is also possible to invest in securitized public or private debt instruments, with the objective of repackaging, restructuring and then selling off these interests. Investments may also include financial arbitrage strategies or strategies focused on unwinding or working out large leveraged portfolios.

One additional opportunity is accessing at large discounts portfolios owned by banks, special servicers or other lenders.

We give you access to rising stars and emerging fund managers.

Axess is especially designed to balance your overall investment portfolio as it allows you to enrich it with decorrelated and not yet broadly known managers.

We like emerging funds because they tend to be more nimble and have better alignment of incentives and interests with their investors. They also tend to generate higher risk-adjusted returns and outperform their peer groups.

Thanks to its variety, this certificate will give you the choice to adjust your investment towards your preferred objective.

Exclusivity by Investivity is focused on prestige investments not usually accessible in a certificate format.

Think about objects of desire, luxury, art and collectables.

We give you access to under the radar opportunities including fine art, art-secured loans, wine, vintage cars, watches, photography and more.

With traditional equity and bond markets expensive, now is an excellent time to consider the diversification brought by those types of investments. The certificate gives exposure to underlyings that are unrelated to traditional financial markets.

Best of Latam by Investivity taps into the local markets of Latin America and their local managers with on the ground expertise.

The certificate invests in a diversified range of unique opportunities in equity, credit and real estate markets.

We give you access to some of the untapped potential of a vibrant continent at an interesting entry point.

Latin America faces a unique opportunity to develop the next generation of companies. The gross domestic product of the continent is almost the same as China's with plenty of space for agile and opportunistic players.

We craft tailored vehicles and portfolios that fit the needs, the constraints and the risk appetite of our clients and their families.

This can take the form of a wealth management mandate on assets deposited at one of our partner private banks, or the creation and management of a dedicated fund or certificate (with or without a public listing).

To deliver you the best outcome, we use our expertise and know how of multiple asset classes and complex products. We also speak the same language as niche asset managers.

Our unique technology further opens the door to a genuinely hybrid service mixing algorithms with human-based market convictions, including your own if you wish so. Our investing platform allows us to complement our qualitative assessment with an AI based selection and risk management process.

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