Our Group

IN 1983


Our group is a regulated and independent multi-family office and Trustee, providing one-stop solutions within a comprehensive range of services to entrepreneurs, families, their enterprises and their family offices within its network reach.

The group has a dedicated in-house team of specialists and a well established international professional network, able to meet the changing needs and demands of our clients, encompassing every aspect of their commercial and personal activities and goals.

Our business provides for the bespoke expertise and state of the art solutions to the challenges you face.


Building on the values of independence, discretion and trust, clients may use the following services for their families:


  • secretarial services and general administrative procedures
  • managing day to day financial needs, cash requirements and bills
  • school tuition fees and assistance to children
  • health insurance, family governance and care
  • household employees management (including wage calculation and payments)
  • work and residence permits, citizenship and visas
  • family governance, in relationship with the wealth planning practice, to enable efficient transfer of the capital and the values of the families


We can assist you in sourcing, overseeing and managing private and non-bankable assets such as homes, planes, boats, cars and art:

  • real estate selection, acquisition, management and sale
  • sourcing of prestigious homes, châteaux, vineyards; off-market sourcing
  • yacht and aircraft registration and management
  • classic cars collections
  • personal luxury assets such as pieces of jewellery
  • consultancy for the purchase of works of art and building your own collection
  • insuring property (buildings, vehicles, paintings …)


We are the ideal partner for small to medium-sized companies which we help in a variety of domains:

  • set-up, formation, incorporation and re-domiciliation
  • governance, management, control and ongoing administration
  • professional directorship (exec and non-exec), protector and trustee services
  • bank account opening, managing and monitoring
  • corporate and financial planning, structuring and restructuring
  • financing, local or cross-border mergers, acquisitions and disposals, listings, valuations
  • human resources, payroll, accounting and financial control
  • audit, regulatory, tax, legal, compliance and reporting
  • personal and corporate accounting, payroll, budgeting and cash-flow management


The wealth planning practice takes into consideration the personal, financial, legal and fiscal situation of our clients by exploring the following options:

  • inheritance, succession and estate planning
  • legal services
  • tax planning
  • life insurance and other insurance contracts and protection
  • preparing family agreements and charters, family mediation
  • establishing and administering trusts and private foundations
  • setting up funds, certificates or holding companies
  • assistance in relocation to countries with more favourable tax regimes


Our group is active advising on philanthropic activities, charities and setting up foundations. Based on your aspirations and values, we give substance to them by:

  • creating charitable trusts and foundations
  • managing and monitoring projects
  • organising events and collecting funds
  • devising meaningful ESG (environmental, social and governance) investments