Our clients’ portfolios are in custody at different prestigious private banks where we benefit from specially negotiated terms. Portfolios can be opened at or transferred to other private banks as well.


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Investivity is a Swiss registered wealth manager, licensed with the SO-FIT (under number 1083).

The SO-FIT is a regulatory body for wealth managers, which directly reports to the FINMA (the Financial Market Supervisory Authority in Switzerland).

The SO-FIT and its members actively contribute to the protection of the economy. They help prevent financial fraud by a strict enforcement of anti money laundering regulations. They also ensure each client is adequately and fairly treated and is continuously given unbiased, unrestricted advice on the markets.


Bonnefous & Cie SA

Created in 1934 in Geneva, Bonnefous & Cie SA is a family-run accountancy firm in charge of auditing our anti money-laundering obligations.

The company has seen several generations of accounting experts and legal advisors, each of whom has been able to put their expertise and advice to the service of companies and private individuals.

TerraxisOrgane de médiation LSFin

Terraxis SA est une société de conseil créée en 2015 et spécialisée en finance et trading de matières premières. Basée à Genève, centre international de la gestion de fortune et du négoce, Terraxis propose à ses clients des méthodes alternatives de résolution des conflits, des services externalisés de trading et de risk management, ainsi que des formations sur mesure.

Le 27 juillet 2020, le Département Fédéral des Finances suisse a reconnu Terraxis comme organe de médiation en vertu de la loi sur les services financiers LSFin.