Giving you access to the family office of the future

As a wealth manager or advisor you are the person knowing your clients best. You want to offer them the highest quality of service.

Our Wealth Management Club is dedicated to you and is about getting ready today for the future of our activity.

Through our tools, we provide practical solutions to extend your range of services in the most flexible way with deep roots and future proof for the digital age and new regulations.

Among the benefits, you can:

  • get access to Swiss private banks at specially negotiated terms
  • be in compliance with all existing and future regulations, including the Swiss Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) and the Financial Services Act (FinSA)
  • be future proof in terms of organization and structure, anti-money laundering and risk management requirements which are moving more and more towards the prudential level
  • maintain most client facing and revenues while alleviating the administrative and regulatory burden of doing so

We help you structure the wealth of your clients in the most appropriate manner.

That covers the creation, the structuration, the selection of underlyings, the risk management, the automation of processes and the administration of customized investment solutions and vehicles worldwide.

We will coordinate with custodians, asset managers, third-party service providers when needed to create your private label vehicle.

We also recommend the advantages of securitization that converts non-tradable financial assets into securities that can be easily invested by investors.

Is is finally also possible to wrap bespoke structured strategies into easily investable products. We work directly with large financial institutions acting as issuers for that purpose.
Our technology laboratory aims at leveraging our hands on experience of financial markets through technology and artificial intelligence.

Benefits are the ability to screen more instruments, to augment the idea generation process, to deploy advanced asset allocation techniques, to better gauge shifts in sentiment and to enforce event-driven risk management.

Two fields of artificial intelligence are particularly promising towards those goals: deep learning and natural language processing.

Deep learning is a fairly recent machine learning framework, but it has already shaken the world of artificial intelligence with breakthrough successes: it beats people at computer games, drives the Google car, finds diseases before doctors. In many areas it has proven comparable and sometimes superior to human experts. We firmly believe combining its power with human judgement is a match made in heaven.

Natural language processing gives the ability to parse through enormous volumes of unstructured data sources. As applied to funds or direct investments it enables to better inform dynamic investment decisions and detect subtle sentiment changes.
We advise professional and institutional clients, notably on some large fixed income portfolios.

This bespoke service is available for different types of portfolios and asset classes and can include part or all of the below:

  • audit of existing portfolios, including classical, alternative and structured investments, assessing their adequacy and relevance as well as their fit into the overall portfolio allocation. We can start making suggestions based on that first analysis
  • fees analysis and negotiations with third parties (banks, service providers) with ongoing monitoring of the agreed fee schedules
  • assisting you in your own portfolio strategic and tactical allocation and investment strategy
  • dedicated risk management
  • smooth order transmission, possibly in an automated way for listed instruments and executing brokers with an open execution API
  • providing you with regular consolidated asset reporting with performance analysis

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